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Annette "Troisnyx" Walker is a proverbial wearer of several hats. She is a composer, arranger, lyricist, drummer, video game scorer, and general multi-instrumentalist based in Lancashire, England.

In her every musical endeavour, there is a palpable passion and an undercurrent of warmth and light. She is known for emotional honesty in her music.

She also produces some visual content for the music she releases -- though not nearly as frequently as she makes music. Some of her artwork can be seen gracing the covers of a number of GameGrooves and Pixel Mixers releases!






Based in:

Preston, Lancashire, UK

Latest Release:

Who is Troisnyx and how do you pronounce that name?

The name "Troisnyx" is pronounced trwa-nix, like in the French. It has variously been shortened to Trois, Troi, or Nyx.

Troisnyx writes music that you'll probably never forget.

She has written and contributed to many passion projects over the years. Her contributions have appeared in the hit indie RPG for PC, Epic Battle Fantasy 5, which is currently being ported to mobile.

In addition to her solo lyrical and video game music, she is the drummer for local Preston bands The Just Numbers and The Accused, an organist, a chorister, and has variously been a contributor to projects by local creative charity Soundskills, video game music groups GameGrooves and Pixel Mixers, and the doujin circle Aetherhythm.

Troisnyx has a love of music spanning from her childhood years. Growing up, she played the piano in church and at school, and she arranged various pieces for divisi sopranos and altos in her school choir. She is self-taught on a number of instruments, especially during her first three years on drums - for which she has a special place in her heart.

She composes on the piano, and plays drums on a good few pieces that you can listen to here!


Here's what people have to say about her!

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"Troisnyx works straight from the heart and soul and it shows. In the cover work she does, she understand and manages to put perfectly into words the ideas and feelings the melodies bring, and every single piece of music she touches is overflowing with emotion. I'm most familiar with her work, covers, and lyrics for various Epic Battle Fantasy tracks and every single time she will build upon the story, feelings, and nostalgia that are already there and take you even further along a path you didn't even know existed. Her lyrical and vocal work especially is so hauntingly beautiful, I find myself completely enchanted and unable to simply let go."

-- Ronja Wiander, Kupo Games, Community Manager & Artist