Lenten Composition Challenge

After having test-driven it in 2021, I have finally decided to make this challenge public for those of you who would like to do this with me, regardless of whether you observe Lent or not. If you feel like the itch to compose one new thing each day for 40 days, come on and jump right in!

(Heads-up: if you're viewing this site on a mobile device, the music player's at the top and the text description is below that.)


What is this challenge?

It's a composition marathon akin to 21 Days of VGM (back when that was a thing). The objective is to come up with one composition a day for the forty days of Lent, following a series of one-word prompts.

The goal is to get us musicians composing, even if it's just four or eight bars. It is also intended to encourage going placidly about our composition exercise and moving on during this season.

By the way, you don't need to observe Lent to partake in this challenge. Simply partaking in it because it's a good exercise is all there is to it!

When does it begin, and when does it end?

In 2022, it will begin on Wednesday, 2 March and end on Saturday, 16 April.

The challenge will take place during all weekdays and Saturdays. Sundays are break days / catch-up days.

Are we gonna be judged for this thing? What happens to the songs we write?

This isn't a contest! This is as informal as a challenge gets. Simply finishing for the satisfaction of finishing is the end goal.

You could make entire albums of soundtracks and put them up for sale if you so desired. All the songs that you write in this challenge are yours. 

Are we allowed to rehash previous ideas?

Yes, if the previous ideas are incomplete or lost, or you wish to take them in a completely different direction -- you can, for example, borrow a melodic fragment from a previous song of yours and take that in a different direction.

Is there a hashtag for this thing?

Well, seeing as this is kinda new (I guess?), let's coin a hashtag!

Use the hashtag #LentenCompo if you're taking part and would like to share works in progress or finished pieces done as part of this challenge.

Would you be willing to listen and comment on our stuff?

Absolutely, time permitting of course! Drop me a line on Twitter or Discord if you're on there, or send me your track(s) via the contact form.

What happens if we miss a day? :(

Don't worry if you miss a day! Just keep the exercise up as best as you can.

If you can, try doing two the next night. I understand, however, if it is not feasible due to time constraints or other circumstances. The important thing about this is doing our best, going placidly, moving on, letting go of the worries that might naturally arise as a result of a challenge like this.