Lenten Composition Challenge

After having been requested this by a number of VGM composer friends, it's finally public!


What is this challenge?

It's a composition marathon akin to 21 Days of VGM (back when that was a thing). The objective is to come up with one composition a day for the forty days of Lent, following a series of one-word prompts.

The goal is to get us musicians composing, even if it's just four or eight bars. It is also intended to encourage going placidly about our composition exercise and moving on.

By the way, you don't need to observe Lent to partake in this challenge. Simply partaking in it because it's a good exercise is all there is to it!

When does it begin, and when does it end?

In 2022, it will begin on Wednesday, 2 March and end on Saturday, 16 April.

The challenge will take place during all weekdays and Saturdays. Sundays are break days / catch-up days.

Are we gonna be judged for this thing? What happens to the songs we write?

This isn't a contest! This is as informal as a challenge gets. Simply finishing for the satisfaction of finishing is the end goal.

You could make entire albums of soundtracks and put them up for sale if you so desired. All the songs that you write in this challenge are yours. 

Can we send links to you to listen to? Or, is there a hashtag for this sort of thing?

Here, use the hashtag #LentenCompo!

And yes, feel free to send me links to playlists of your stuff via Twitter, Instagram, or Discord if you've got it. I may not be able to listen to your stuff right away, but I'll certainly endeavour to do so and give you my thoughts!

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