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Here, I link to albums on Bandcamp towards which I have contributed. All my contributions by far have been nonprofit, and I treat these as passion projects.


Dreams: Awake

Charity EP Jam • Jun 2021

Contributed with my original song, "the new world," Track 29

Sleeve cover for Aetherhythm - Astgaban


Aetherhythm • Mar 2020

Composed Track 3, Dusk, and Track 4, AST-GA-BAN, and sang on Track 4

Sleeve cover for Cosmocrystal II ~ Eihou Bousyoku

COSMOCRYSTAL II ~ clalliss re leat, maya re pat – 映放紡色 EIHOU​-​BOUSYOKU

Aetherhythm • May 2019

Composed the first two tracks, Ocurp Omnis and Bioaeras; played medieval snare drum and melodica on Track 2; arranged part of Track 5, Chysoskoni; sang all vocals on Track 6, Paraselenite

Sleeve cover for OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears

OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears

Materia Collective • Dec 2018

Sang soprano and alto on Track 1, You Shall Be As Gods; played snare drum and medieval snare drum on Track 24, Thames on the Field

Sleeve cover of The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy V (Composer's Cut)

The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy V (Composer's Cut)

Phyrnna • Nov 2018

Arranged, played guitar and bass guitar, and sang all vocals for the superboss theme -- Track 25, A Breeze From Home ~ Vocal Version