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This page is for other musical and artistic endeavours that I pursue.

Pick an area of interest, and let's go!

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This is a list of albums I've contributed to over the years with my composition, arrangement, vocals, percussion, or other instrument playing!

Hover over an album sleeve to stream or download the associated music!

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Splash! 2

Christoph Jakob • Jun 2023

Contributed vocals on tracks 1 and 2, both Hip Campus tracks; contributed vocals, drums, and percussion on tracks 5 and 6, both IKA-RI tracks; drew the album artwork and other promotional art



Christoph Jakob • Aug 2022

Contributed vocals on tracks 5 and 6, "Shellfish Manners" and "Heat of the Moment"


Nier: ReArranged

Pixel Mixers • Jun 2022

Contributed vocals on tracks 2 and 22, "Soul in Summer" and "Kainé ~ Salvation"; played snare drum on track 16, "Grandma," and arranged and sang track 21, "Song of the Ancients ~ Popola"

Select Adventure: A Celebration of Identity

Select Adventure: A Celebration of Identity

GameGrooves • Oct 2021

Contributed with my original song, "The Drummer's Prayer," Track 9; also drew the album artwork



Pixel Mixers • Aug 2021

Sang soprano and alto for Track 25, "Kingdom's Edge"

Little Ones v4 smaller.png

The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 3

Pixel Mixers • Jan 2023

Contributed with an organ voluntary version of Phyrnna's "La plaisanterie savante" from Epic Battle Fantasy 5


Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Shinesparkers • Aug 2021

Sang soprano and alto for Track 60, "Call of the Warrior"


Dreams: Asleep

Charity EP Jam • Jun 2021

Contributed with my original song, "the new world," Track 29

Sleeve cover for Aetherhythm - Astgaban


Aetherhythm • Mar 2020

Composed Track 3, "Dusk," and Track 4, "AST-GA-BAN," and sang on Track 4

Sleeve cover for Cosmocrystal II ~ Eihou Bousyoku

COSMOCRYSTAL II ~ clalliss re leat, maya re pat – 映放紡色 EIHOU​-​BOUSYOKU

Aetherhythm • May 2019

Composed the first two tracks, "Ocurp Omnis" and "Bioaeras;" played medieval snare drum and melodica on Track 2; arranged part of Track 5, "Chysoskoni;" sang all vocals on Track 6, "Paraselenite"

VGM Covers, Fan Creations & Collabs


I draw personal pieces, including a lot of the sleeve artwork for my various releases.

Occasionally, I even take album artwork and social media banner commissions!



The drum is my favourite instrument, and I have a deep connection with it in the pieces I play.

Here, I share some of the videos I have recorded at various stages of my drumming journey.

If you'd like me for session work, drop me a line and I'll be happy to feel my way through the music you make!