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This is a holdover from the original layout of this website, which I am keeping as a way to quickly share my music without this URL disappearing from messages, etc. Please take your time to check out the new layout!

Lyrical Songs


The playlist on your right (or below if on mobile) is a selection of the many vocal tracks I have done over the years.

These songs borrow from a number of different styles -- many are orchestral, electronic, piano-based, or a combination of the above. Some borrow from various musical traditions across the world. Most of the pieces you hear in this playlist feature several dozen layers of my voice per piece. It's a style that I've come to appreciate a lot over the years.

I tend to record these parts and come up with harmonies pretty quickly. So, while it may take a great deal of energy to do, I find it enjoyable to do nonetheless. Fun fact: I also tend to play my piano and drum parts on these tracks!

As a side note, a few of these tracks have been used in games!

This playlist will be periodically updated; tracks will be added to it or removed from it every now and then. I hope you all enjoy what you hear here! If you want a lyrical theme for your game, you know who to call!


Instrumental / VGM

Here are some projects I have decided to feature in this section. I will be providing a brief bit of context about what each project is about!

As before, I will be periodically adding to / removing from this list depending on what I work on. Happy listening!

WARNING: This section does not display correctly on mobile layouts. Please view the desktop site.

A walk in the woods with my old Fujifilm

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My team and I came up with this entry for the Care Jam 2021 in December that year. It's an emotionally moving game about a flame sprite called Hyrtan, who is searching for a cure for an ailing magical tree in the centre of her beloved forest.

I was encouraged to write soft piano music, and I took to my keyboard and let rip. The resulting music made me cry a good bit, as did the plot, look, and feel of Hearten. I hope it moves you all too!

leylines bg.jpg

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In 2015 -- a good bit before I knew the basics of mixing -- the earlier iteration of was still online, and I was contacted by a team of students at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, asking if I could score their student project. They aimed to release it on Steam as a freebie; we all worked on it nonprofit. It was Greenlit and eventually released in 2016, making this my first ever shipped title!

It is a short game about a lone archer who makes it into a sacred space, called the Temple of Miria's Heart, at a time when her world is in ruins. She is to warp space-time, freeze time, shift gravity, to activate the goddess Miria's heart and restore her world.

photo of half-moon_edited.jpg

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My first commission as a video game musician came in December 2021, where I was approached by the game's musician, Christoph Jakob, to do vocal session work on two tracks in the Revita OST: the Regret boss theme, as well as the credits theme, Intercession. I took the time to ask about the game's plot and setting, and wrote the lyrics to Intercession accordingly. I even titled the finished track, drawing from traditions I hold dear.

When singing the vocals to both tracks, I drew from my chorister background. By the time I recorded my voice, I was familiar with Christoph's musicianship, and I gladly gave it my all.

Fun fact: I also voiced the final boss!


Featured in


The game was developed by BenStarDEV, and there's an extensive list of people who made this game what it is. The full list of credits can be viewed here!

Image by Dan Gold

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In 2018, Phyrnna, the composer for the Epic Battle Fantasy games up until that point, approached me asking if I could do a folksy, lyrical version of A Breeze From Home, one of the area themes in Epic Battle Fantasy 5Before that point, I had done a few different covers of themes she had written for the various games in the series. I was happy to do so!

I recorded bass, guitar, and voice, and sequenced the rest for this track. I wasn't -- and still am not -- confident in my guitar playing whatsoever, so I layered a MIDI guitar track over my massacring of an Epiphone Les Paul. ^_^; I thoroughly enjoyed doing this version.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Featured in


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