Lyrical Songs

The playlist on your right (or below if on mobile) is a selection of the many vocal tracks I have done over the years.

These songs borrow from a number of different styles -- many are orchestral, electronic, piano-based, or a combination of the above. Some borrow from various musical traditions across the world. Most of the pieces you hear in this playlist feature several dozen layers of my voice per piece. It's a style that I've come to appreciate a lot over the years.

I tend to record these parts and come up with harmonies pretty quickly. So, while it may take a great deal of energy to do, I find it enjoyable to do nonetheless.

As a side note, a few of these tracks have been used in games!

This playlist will be periodically updated; tracks will be added to it or removed from it every now and then. I hope you all enjoy what you hear here!


Instrumental / Video Game Music


I'm going to go from latest to earliest, and I will be providing a brief bit of context about what each project is about!

As before, I will be periodically adding to / removing from this list depending on what I work on. Happy listening!

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This was the soundtrack to my team's entry to Bored Pixels Jam 8 in July 2021. I was not the only musician on the team: scoring this entry together with me was Mackievellian, whose guitar you may have heard in Variations on Endless Handbag in the Lyrical Songs playlist above. I composed all of the songs, while Mackie used Magical 8bit Plug to convert and embellish what I'd done.

The game is a fast-paced game where you play a skeleton being chased by a stereotypical video game hero. The prompt for this particular Bored Pixels Jam was "You Are Not The Hero," and thus, my team naturally came up with this idea.

Image by Sincerely Media


This was an entry into the Game Maker Toolkit (GMTK) Jam 2021; the theme of this was "Joined Together." My team decided to do this inverse dog-walking game, in part as a love letter to the game Goat Simulator -- you play a pug who drags a ragdoll human figure across a park, chasing after bones and bacon treats.

I was pressed for time, so one of the tracks for this -- daffodils -- already existed by the time this jam began, but I made sure to add something new by making a bubblegum pop arrangement of that song. All in all, it was meant to convey that unbridled, carefree sort of happiness that a dog has when given treats.

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Image by Tiard Schulz


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  • 2D art and logo by Kim

  • 3D art by Jamie Jessop

  • Level design by Max Oates and Matthew McSteve

  • Coding by Max Oates

  • Game design by Matthew McSteve

This was done by a team of university students, friends who lived within proximity of each other... and myself, the odd one out who lived further north. The game was done for the inaugural Miracle Jam, which had for its theme "Love Letter."

You played a visitor to the eponymous "Tower of Memories," a sort of mausoleum-like structure with floating platforms of different kinds. Your task is to find the treasured object associated with each of the five of us who developed this game -- there are five levels, and therefore five objects to collect. In doing so, you'd perhaps learn a bit more about us as individuals. The use of colours in this game, as well as the instrument choice, is based on synasthesia -- two of us in the team are synaesthetes!

Image by Waleed Rostom


This score was for the first game jam that I took part in during the lockdowns of 2020 -- the inaugural Wholesome Game Jam. My team and I came up with this entry!

It's a simple distance-covering game, about a kid doing their best to overcome their fear by braving a yard full of spooky things. (There is an end point to this; we just gotta persevere!)

Fun fact: This was my first game jam in many years, and my first ever on! I also did this completely with FL Studio's default synthesiser plugins, FLEX and Sytrus, to save time as our jam was only three days -- but as you can hear, I did my best to make sure it sounded good!


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A walk in the woods with my old Fujifilm


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My team and I came up with this entry for the Care Jam 2021 in December that year. It's an emotionally moving game about a flame sprite called Hyrtan, who is searching for a cure for an ailing magical tree in the centre of her beloved forest.

I was encouraged to write soft piano music, and I took to my keyboard and let rip. The resulting music made me cry a good bit, as did the plot, look, and feel of Hearten. I hope it moves you all too!